On October 20, 2006 [Warren's 15th birthday] a little family was made very happy.

David Andrew "Andy" Miller, was presented with a cheque for $2,000.00 dollars which he was encouraged to use for opening a Junior Saver's account at the NAJ Co-op Credit Union, to which he agreed.


Andy was selected from the only two boys from the parish of St. Thomas to have been awarded a place at Wolmer's Boys' School. Based on our interview of his teachers at his Alma Mater as well as his peers, neighbours and parents he appears to be a wonderful boy and in many respects remind us of WOW.

We both encouraged him to continue to live up to his christian traditions as well as the high expectations which all have of him. We prayed for his success and expressed our joy in being able to make this small gesture to him which could help in making this success probable. We made him know that we truly believe Warren would have wanted us to do this. We also expresed the desire to be updated on his progress. 

A further $20,000.00 was presented to his parents to assist in defraying the cost of his tuition for the Academic year 2007/2007. His dad, Melverton, received this on his behalf. 

Reverend Neil, the school's Chaplain who is also a member of the Guidance Department, represented the school. The Yallahs Baptist church [where we are members] was represented by Bro. Robert Brown. Also present were David's mom and siblings [who missed the scope of the camera], Mrs. Josephine Malcolm, Manager of the Credit Union, who made David's presentation to him and veteran photographer and family friend: Aston Spaulding. Andy was also presented with a certificate as a keepsake as well as a photo of the little boy who made it possible. 

In his reply, Andy expressed gratitude for being selected and promised to do well.