Xavier Watson

I always tell people we were more like brothers rather than friends. Sometimes he would say that even before I get the chance to. We used to do almost everything together and when I look back I always wonder out of all of us why did it have to be him on that day. If I was bored or needed help he was always there, always willing to go out of his way to make sure his friends are ok.



Susan "Soozehan" Scott-Jennings

Hi, Lambert! Your story touched me so when I was in Jamaica delivering shoe boxes! I know I don't have to tell you that, but you asked! lol! Warren's story, yours & Pee's story has touched my life forever. I love how you have kept on keeping on in the Lord -- in His strength. You are a light in this dark world! Sorry this is an anniversary you even have to remember, but it is your cross to bear. Jesus will help you carry your load. His load is easy. God bless you & Sister Pee!

Enyawd Smailliw (Dwayne Williams)

It is truly sad to see someone that had some much potential to make a positive difference gone so soon....... You are indeed sadly missed Warren Wallace and we know u have ur place in heaven.


David Andrew "Andy" Miller

Even though Warren wasn't a close friend I remembered him to be a model student and individual in the way he was always attired, how he took pride in his school work and respected authority. When he passed for Wolmers, the sixth grade teacher at the time, Mrs. Martin, highlighted his academic achievement and spoke highly of him and this served as a form of motivation for myself as an individual, to always excel academically and to respect authority which promotes order and solidarity in our troubled society. Mr and Mrs Wallace awarded me a memorial scholarship in remembrance of their son, Warren Wallace, and I felt privileged to have been a recipient of the scholarship. It has assisted my parents significantly as some of it was used to pay my school fee during the time I was in first form at Wolmer's Boys' School. Thank you once again Mr. And Mrs. Wallace for all that you have done for me and I wish you both God's richest blessings.


Melanie Johnson

Warren was always quiet and pleasant. He always left me with the job of trying to figure out what's on his mind. He always had a smile that looked guilty. Lol. He was kind and loving. I remember when he came by the house to play video games with Cory. Usually boys Warren's age wouldn't want to play with boys as young as Cory. But that never mattered to Warren. They had a real good time.. That's definitely one of my fondest memories. I always found it so amazing how much he looks like you. :)


Jome Messam-McCormack

My best memories of Warren is how he could turn a very intense situation occuring in youth group by putting a smile on everyones face. I cannot remember him being negative or upset one bit. The other funny i thing I remember is his reaction to my dogs and Ryan Wlsons dogs when we could visit him. I thought I was terrified of dogs but Warren took the cake with the Wilsons dog. I think when your family and Warren moved to Yallahs B C, it definitely brought a bit more excitement to our junior youth group, we felt a lot of support from your family, and that rubbed off on Warren as he got along with all of us. Before he came we were a bit fragmented to be honest, many of us the same age, going to church for years and never spoke once outside of sunday school. He created a link betweeen us that to be honest, if it wasnt for him im sure I wouldnt be in contact with some of these guys today. When we found out he wasnt with us anymore, it was a great hit for us, and I can imagine a harder one for you and Aunty P. But its almost like he never left, because you both still emulated all the things he had done for us before.


Andrea B. Squire

Hi Lambert. I remember your son from when he used to come to the office with you. He was such a pleasant young man. I know how much he means to you and I am deeply touched by how you chose to honor his memory. God bless



Shannon MzTweet Downie

"Today marks 10 yrs since you left us. Every October I sit and I think about you, "what would you have become, where would you be and would we still be close friends?" Your memorial and birthday we celebrate days apart and the tears we cant hold back but the laughter and smiles always seems to overpower all sadness, Lil WOW, in my eyes, you left us too soon but God had plans for you and He called you home. Just like an Angel, you left your earthly attire and flew away on your wings. You were a misery but now I know all went well and is well as I believe in the Almighty God. You touched my life, you were my little "parrie", and my matching Lakers Jersey partner. But most of all, you were an Angel in our midst.

Warren, Gone with the wind but not too soon. Your job was done.

Deborah Debbie Cole


Lambert, your words always touch me very deeply. Although I have not lived the agonizing experience of losing a child, I have known the loss of many loved ones. The strength and Grace that you and Pee have shown over these past 10 years is amazing. You both are surely covered by God's arms. Warren must be so very proud of you both. Stay strong my friend...He knows best.

Paul Watson

Real words from a true heart. One thing I cant forget is how Warren would change his laugh like a season. Different laughs for different season. Remembering the blue turbo starlet we use to talk about....prob wouldn't look at those now.. Prob wud be talkin bout heavier machines..who jus.....sad...try to meet you in heaven. Got so much to same...gonna use up the 1000 years


Pauline Williams Currey

That's a beautiful picture of Warren, beautifully done, Lambert you and P are great parents and God had loaned Warren to you guys for a short while. A time that was well spent and cherished. May the grace of God continue to shine in your heart until you all meet again.


Kelly-Ann Lawful

Lam I am sure you have done a magnificent job on the new website...I haven't been brave enough to look because the tears still flow freely....even after 10 years. (Crying as I write..Sigh). I will share the link with the PR family who are not on Facebook. We stand by you and Pee


Sophia Russell

Everytime i read these topic written by you Mr Lämbërt Wallace i always cry but i cried more this time . I know Warren a while since my children attend the same school Warren attend Grants Pen Primary . I remember my kids and I attend his memorial service . He was a good son . I am sorry for your loss and i am speaking as a mother and a friend . You seem stronger than most ppl i know who lost a child at the memorial service i remember children breaking down and you always get up and console those who couldnt make it guess/ know now god was consoling you. With tears in my eyes i wrote this comment from deep within.

Sharon Marie Collins




Leonie Collins

Hang in there my cuz, as the saying goes"time heals all wounds".


ShellyAnn Dunois

Such a lovely soul. I can remember him showing me how to dance Im sending nuff love to u guyz in remembrance of my nephew. For me, Warren was like a son. He would turn up for youth fellowship way earlier than the expected time and would help to get Domi out the house. He sometimes helped Domi with his home work when u guyz had church meetings and tried to show him how to draw some cartoon characters. Domi really looked up to him as a big brother. He remembers him up to this day. Not to mention his specially prepared drinks whenever we visited u guyz. I can recall when he brought be a glass of freshly made lemonade made by his dad of course , but he placed a slice of lime on the rim of my glass. Just to tell u the type of fellow he was (a teenager) to spend the time to make my lemonade special. I loved him and smile when I think of him. God Bless u guyz.


Jennifer M Kirkland

Wishing you the strength to endure and my deepest sympathy. I had no idea. As a parent I can't imagine the pain. All the best Pauline to you and you family.


Tracian Williams

You are a strong woman. God bless you and keep the faith. love always


Marlene Myrie

Pauline, you have grown. Nuff respect. GOD is good. I'm just speechless. Certainly unbelievable. So much like his DAD.


Lorna L. Morrison

I will think of him when I see the grapes in my neighbours yard. I didn't know him Lambert, but knowing you makes me know that he was & would have been worthy.


Chris Watson

I always remember the last drink we had together. The day before he died.. Tampico Punch... He loved it! I haven't had it since.... Will always miss Him but God knows best always.


Angela Hamilton-Brown

Lammie and wife unless we have same experience we really dont think we hurt as deep as you do, everytime I see Warren's pic, tears come to my eyes, I remember the day it happened just like it was yesterday...may the Lord continue to comfort the family, and wrap you and Mrs Wallace in his arms continually...He never leave you nor forsake you...Be comforted, be blessed...


Natalie Stanton-Peterson

Hugs, love and blessings girl.


Bob Resciniti

Lambert - things happen for a reason, not by chance. We crossed paths because of our children! What a great looking kid. I love his innocent smile and his eyes say it all. Thanks for sharing your son with us - what a blessing. I look forward to seeing you down the road!


Sherron Duffus

Aaawwwhhh!!...Warren was a spitting image of you Lambert, and I'm sure he had that beautiful personality like you have. Mom and Dad, may the Lord continue to keep you strong. Much blessings to you both.

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