Tajhjai Alexis "TeeJay" Curniffe

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This is so uncanny, I was browsing and realized from local Jamaican news and some fb posts that GSat results were out. I started going through my contacts looking for a number I had for an employee of the Ministry of Education to ascertain if there were any boy/s from St. Thomas who had passed for Wolmers. Lo and behold Glory be to God, I was here, I kid you not, looking for the number but couldn't find it. I got a facebook notification in my inbox. Do you believe it came from the principal at Wärrën's primary school with this message:

Sophia Spaulding
Hi mr Wallace. Got a wolmers boys this yr! thought i would let u know
30 minutes ago · Sent from Messenger
One of the criteria for Wärrën's scholarship is that the recipient has to be a boy from the parish of St. Thomas passing for his Alma Mater - Wolmers High.


This Year will mark 10 years since Wärrën has passed. In keeping with his selflessness, his kind and benevolent spirit, a fourth student has been awarded a scholarship for the first year at his Alma Mater - Wolmers High School for Boys. This years Awardee: Tajhjai Alexis Curniffe also attended Albion Primary and Infant School.
In Mrs. Simpson, his form teacher's own words: "Tajhjai Curniffe is a Grade Six student at the Grants Pen Primary and Infant School and has been under my direct supervision for this academic year, 2013/2014. This young man has been nothing but outstanding and can be described as a student that every teacher would desire to teach. Among the adjectives that I would use to describe him are: pleasant, industrious, diligent, determined, well-mannered and trainable. If every child could emulate just a quarter of his zeal, the future would be bright.
Tajhjai continuously strives for nothing but the best. He exhibits very excellent work ethics at all times and of such he should be commended and deserves nothing but the best. There is no doubt in my mind that when Tajhai shall have moved on to his new school, Wolmer’s Boys’ High, he will continue to perform at the highest standard and that the school will be pleased to have him on board as a student.
from his primary school".
When TeeJay (as he is affectionately called) was asked in his interview to tell us the family a little about himself, he said: My name is Tajhjai Curniffe. I am twelve years old. I was born on March 31 2002 at the Princess Margaret Hospital. My hobbies are reading, watching TV and playing football. I am now currently attending Grants Pen Primary and Infant School. In September I will be attending Wolmers Boys High School. In the future I would like to be a scientist . I want to be a scientist because I love learning new things and I can find more things that can benefit humans. I am a very helpful to who is in need of help. When I was in grade 6 I stopped playing and started studying my books more. I did a lot of GSAT past papers but it was worth it because at the end I am going to Wolmers Boys High School.

The trophies that I have won are for getting the highest in all the subject areas and the rest are for being the Top GSAT boy of the school and getting the principal's award.

This years disbursement was in the amount of J$46,436.00. $43936.00 was for Tuition/fees and books and an additional was made payable to the vredit union to start a Junior Saver's account for TeeJay

We, Pauline and Lämbërt the parents of Wärrën, wish TeeJay all the best in his new endeavours. It is a joy and pleasure to have helped and doing so in honor of our dear son.


Saturday, July 12, 2014.